I started building cues in January of 1999 in a little shop called Games People Play. I took about two years off due to lack of resources and picked back up in 2002. I am mainly self taught by research and trial by fire. During the early years I made a lot of fire wood. I spent a couple of days with Bludworth in Feb. of 2007. He made me look at things in a different light.

With a strong background in woodworking, fabrication, and auto body repair I needed to learn machining. A good friend of the family owned a machine shop, Gilkey Machine. Casey and Charlie showed me tons about over the years. If I can’t figure a thread out I take it to those guys. Couple minutes later I am cutting a drive set.

In the future I plan on building cues full time. I love the trade, it changes every day. I build cues because I like the satisfaction of seeing something I built perform better than $1000 mass manufactured cues. I know when I am finished there is a good quality product that does what it’s told. If I am not proud to sign my name in the cue it does not get shipped.